3 Most Most Needed Cloud-Based Business Tools
Most Commonly Used and Most Needed Cloud-Based Business Tools (via Small Business Solutions and Entrepreneur Blog)

Businesses all over the world are rapidly moving to cloud-based services to run their operations. As with any new technology, businesses can be cautious to adopt the unknown, but the benefits of cloud-based tools are impossible to ignore. Cost savings…

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Successfully Migrating Network Marketing Online

Taking Network Marketing Online | Moving your network marketing business online | Getting your MLM business on to the Internet | Successfully Starting a network Marketing Business online. | Successfully Migrating Network Marketing Online

By Rick Ede

This article is going to cover how a Network Marketer can successfully start to market their products online with Internet Marketing.

It is a must that any business going forward needs a strong Internet presence, with a mega ton of traffic to your websites. Average consumers are becoming more and more comfortable spending money online, and your company should be prepared and in position to take advantage of this growing trend. I will discuss the mindset needed and steps needed to take your network Marketing Business Online.

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 Proper Mindset of Online Network Marketer

online business consultantYou may have to adjust your mindset a little when you first get online regarding selling. You are most likely in love with your products, truly believing in them and cannot wait to tell the world about all their benefits and value. However doing this right off the bat with new potential clients who have no idea who you are will back fire on you. Remember these golden rules of successful selling in any business:

  1. People do business with people they know, like and trust.

  2. People hate being sold, but they love to buy, when they decide the time is right.

To adhere to these great rules of business it take time, patience and dedication. Sorry if you believed the myth of Instant over night success via Internet marketing online. It just doesn’t work that way, all though you will find many scammers trying to sell you products that make you an instant cazillionaire. To start building rapport and trust you need to give before you receive. (That should be rule # 3). You need to provide these potential clients with valuable, free, informative and entertaining content. You do not want to be talking very much about your product during this time, but you should be referencing things that do relate to your product or service. Absolutely DO NOT try selling your product yet.


Build Relationships

Internet Articles

An effective way to start your Internet e-marketing campaign is to have good content rich articles on your website or blog. Good original content helps your search engines rankings and keeps prospects coming back for more. I suggest you also have a sign up / opt-in form with an email auto responder set up on this website. This will allow you to build a list of prospects and automatically send them follow up emails. The emails will of course be full of good entertaining free content, with a bit of personal information about you. Letting the prospects slowly get to know who you really are. If you’re a jerk- lie,  just kidding. Internet marketing and network marketing are both relationship businesses. It is very important not to bombard their in box with too much email. I suggest a new email about every 4 days. After the 3rd or 4th email introduce them to your products and service. Now you can start using your sales skills and will have an extremely good chance of closing future sales and be keeping a valuable client.

It is important to mention that the growing trend in Internet marketing is not to hard sell, do not use sleazy, hypey, or obnoxious tactics or you will fail. Have your content from this point forward position your product in their minds as something that they want and need to purchase because of the value and benefits to themselves. Continue providing the good free content along with your sales messages moving forward.

 Importance of Online Videos

Video is a huge part of Internet marketing. For network marketers I believe it is absolutely essential. Being that traditional network marketing is all about face-to-face or belly-to-belly interaction, what better way is there to get in front of prospects online than with video?

Video usage speeds up the bonding / trust process when online in comparison to just emails and articles. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth millions. You will want to make videos to go along with your free content. Also uploading the videos to sites like Youtube and Daily motion will create extra traffic to your site. I use Eyejot to send video emails with great results. You can get a free version here.

Not knowing what stage you are at with your online network marketing business . I will start at the beginning listing all the steps needed to launch a lucrative Internet marketing site for your network marketing business. Future articles and videos will cover in depth the best ways to perform these steps for maximum results for your new Internet business. You need a good amount of traffic to your websites, Or no one will be aware of your existence. 


 Key Steps to Building Your First Online Marketing Website or Blog

  1. Register two keyword relevant domain names. www.yourdomainname.com
  2. Sign up with a Web host that Allows you to Host Multiple Sites with out Extra Fees.
  3. Install WordPress and Needed Plug-ins at your Hosted Site and Point your Domain Name to your New Website.
  4. Set up Accounts  on TwitterLinkedIn, Facebook Including a Facebook Business Page.
  5. Write Your First Article / Blog Post and Put it on Your New Website.
  6. Write Your Email Campaign emails. Welcome Email and the First Two that Follow at least.
  7. Purchase an Auto Responder and Set Up your Email campaign.
  8. Acquire an Online Merchant Account to Accept Payments.
  9. Set up Second Website and Domain Name as a Lead Capture / Squeeze Page Utilizing your Auto Responder.

 Start driving traffic to your websites. Via:

  1. Article writing and Syndication.
  2. On Page Optimization.
  3. Free Advertising
  4. Video Creation.
  5. Social Networking.
  6. Off Page Search Engine Optimization.
  7. Paid advertising, PPC. (if you choose)
  8. Start Cashing Checks.
  9. Continue to Send Traffic for everlasting success with network marketing online.

Don’t Forget to Sign up for the Free Training on how to build your first website with WordPress.

You will also receive valuable tips and free advice on all things related to Internet marketing, Mobile marketing, Search engine optimization, Social media marketing.





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